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Direct composting

Composting heaps might be the most common and easiest way of taking care of your garden waste but there are drawbacks. Lots of nitrogen is lost in the process and you don’t use the heat produced in the process. Compost heaps leaks gases which worsen the greenhouse effect.

An alternative is direct composting where the waste it dug into the ground directly. This can be done in different ways

You can just dig a hole in the ground and bury the waste. Cover it with soil, at least 10 cm to prevent animals from finding it. This can be done directly into your beds at times of the year when nothing grows there. To get rid of kitchen waste in the winter, you can prepare holes in the autumn and fill them up in the winter time.

If you use this direct composting in your beds you will after some years transform your soil into a rich and fluffy soil where everything wants to grow. We use it to enrich the soil and to add organic material without getting too many slugs as we get when we use mulching.

Text: Ulrika, translation from Swedish: Karin
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